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Applicant Organisation

Full legal name: Çekmeköy Saadet Yılmaz Primary School

Address: Ömerli Mh.Koçullu Köyü Okul Yolu Sk.No:4 Çekmeköy

Country: Turkey

City: İstanbul

Website: http://www.cekmekysaadetyilmaz.meb.k12.tr

Telephone: +90 216 4358276

Fax: +90 216 4358276

Project Information

Project Identification: I Learn With C.A.K.E, I Grow With C.A.K.E

Project Acronym: C.A.K.E

Project Start  Date (dd-mm-yyyy): 15-09-2017

Project Total Duration (Months): 24 Months

Project And Date (dd-mm-yyyy): 14-09-2019

Applicant Organisation Full Legal Name: Çekmekoy Saadet Yılmaz Primary School

project coordinator and partners map

In this project, we will handle culture elements as language, education, customs and traditions, values and attitudes. Art is another element of culture which will be handled separately with its elements of folklore, music, dance and theater. While processing culture and art elements with a student-centered approach, the teachers will get a professional insight on good and innovative practices. Such an effective application becomes possible through sharing knowledge and experience among teachers. At this point, the most important issue is how to share knowledge and experiences which forms the essence of our project.

Our initial aim is to create awareness of the cultural, art, knowledge and experience fabric of the 3 partner countries through examination of traditions, feasts ,art, customs and games in these countries. This comparison and analysis of cultural similarities and differences will be of great interest to the students and teachers of all participating countries. The students will explore not only aspects of other cultures but also their own culture including music, arts and crafts, history, culture language, traditional games, etc.

The target gruop of the project is; students, teachers, parents, managers and relevant stakeholders.