One of the most important parts of education is the cooperation between teachers and schools. Improving C.A.K.E. skills are especially formed during primary and secondary school education. For this reason, it is very important for students and teachers to obtain C.A.K.E. skills through school activities. In this project, to increase trust and relationships among different countries, we have decided to use a slice of CAKE. Each partner revealing the unique cultural elements, art items, knowledge, skills, abilities, and sharing experiences, proves that we all are same in language, religion, race and sex. We aim to share and help each other at every point and want to grow children standing as a steel wall against discrimination with the help of sharing and loving.

In this project, we will handle culture elements as language, education, customs and traditions, values and attitudes. Art is another element of culture which will be handled separately with its elements of folklore, music, dance and theater. While processing culture and art elements with a student-centered approach, the teachers will get a professional insight on good and innovative practices. Such an effective application becomes possible through sharing knowledge and experience among teachers. At this point, the most important issue is how to share knowledge and experiences which forms the essence of our project.

Our initial aim is to create awareness of the cultural, art, knowledge and experience fabric of the 4 partner countries through examination of traditions, feasts ,art, customs and games in these countries. This comparison and analysis of cultural similarities and differences will be of great interest to the students and teachers of all participating countries. The students will explore not only aspects of other cultures but also their own culture including music, arts and crafts, history, culture language, traditional games, etc.

The target gruop of the project is; students, teachers, parents, managers and relevant stakeholders.

Cultural exchange of four different countries will only be possible with these kind of strategic partnership projects.

Thus, in this project we will train individuals who can share the spirit of creating a better and qualified future at a young age and solve the problems via negotiation instead of fighting or misunderstanding, and be the part of the solution rather than the problem. Suppose that two of the students in the partners of this project become prime ministers of their countries and come together side by side. We believe they can solve problems easily adopting a different perspective and approach.

Effective solutions can be reached due to sharing Culture, Art, Knowledge and Experience. Intelligent and hardworking individuals, after learning new knowledge and experiences, bring what they gain to their communities and cause the culture to be spread and develop. Information is a set of solutions achieved by people’s sense, experience, trial and error; and the information that is not shared disappears. Confucius mentions about the importance of information sharing with the following statement: I have an egg. You have an egg. If you give me your egg and I give you my egg, still I will have one egg and you will have one egg. I have an information and you have an information. If I give you my information and you give me your information we will both have two information.

This is why, our teachers need to know the international dimension of classroom practices, exchange good and innovative practices and share information with colleagues. Professional practices they have learned in the field and in class will open their horizons, help them to raise their students well and provide an opportunity to present new information in different ways.

Therefore, our project is based on the following principles. All the partners in project will work and share knowledge and experiences with active participation of participants. The experiences and knowledge acquired will be brought together. Thus, in the future we will be able to take steps with more awareness. 3 transnational meetings and 2 Learning-Training-Teaching activities will be held to ensure cooperative work. With active learning together, this project will provide a significant contribution to the development of new ideas via embracing differences and unifying them in creative environments of different countries and cultures.